The wonderful world of bees just keeps getting more and more crazy. I found this article on a most reliable news source (Facebook.. don’t judge) and I have to admit… IT’S GENIUS! Josh Kennet, a beekeeper from Australia, and his pup Bazz, are doing an amazing thing for the bees. Josh has actually trained Bazz to detect a deadly disease called American foulbrood in hives so they can be quarantined to prevent further spread of the disease. The picture is of Bazz in his bee suit so he wont get stung by the bees. Apparently he is not that crazy about the suit, but we can all admit it’s better than getting stung. If you would like to read the original article from Honest To Paws and see additional pictures of the sweet pup and his awesome outfit, click here

BEE Extraordinary! No Dull Bee Hives Here.
Bee Relaxing

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