I will start by saying I have not used weed killer in a few years because it is very bad for bees, bugs, and humans. I am not going to lie. I miss it. That stuff would kill every single weed in my driveway like a champ. Spray once and death spread across the cracks like a dark wave of terror, but in a good way. Once I learned about how it was affecting the environment and the bees though, I had to stop. Now my driveway looks like an ugly short jungle. Blegh! Except, if you have an ugly short jungle, people think you are a good person because you are caring for our planet. I overheard one conversation at Target where one person was talking about a neighbor and how there are absolutely no weeds in his driveway, so he must be using the evil weed killer. They were both shaking their heads and making sounds of disapproval. Yikes! So what I have to do is clean the weeds out of my driveway manually and make sure everyone sees me pulling them by hand, but for those who didn’t see me doing it I have to leave a few so people know I love bees and baby seals. It’s all about balance, bees, and baby seals.

The Queen Is Coming!!
What's The Buzz Buzzy Gals??

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