beeezzzOH SWEET HONEYBEES I WON! I never win anything, so the fact that I get to say I won is new to me. Hold on a moment while I run to the top of the mountain, twirl around with my arms reaching up high to the sky. TWIRL! HUFF PUFF Wheeeeezzz. Okay, let’s think about this for a second. I just ran to my computer, not up a mountain and I am out of breath. I think that scene in the Sound of Music might not have been fully accurate. But, I can honestly say I won, and I am delighted. What did I win? I won a basic new beehive set-up from BeeKind, a beekeeping supply store in Sebastopol! Oh the joy! When I went to the store to pick it up, I felt a bit guilty. I walked in, said I had won the monthly drawing, and the wonderful am behind the counter showed me what I could pick out. As I was selecting the new super, frames and other supplies, I felt as if I was robbing the place. I finished picking out everything I wanted and thanked the man. Then it happened, the true price I had to pay for winning….a picture. Oh drat. I didn’t do my hair or pick out a cute outfit. I didn’t even have Chapstick on, and I really needed it. Such dry lips…ouch. I looked at my sweet new bee set-up and thought to myself..WORTH IT! I just won’t ever look at the picture and I will never know. He took a few hundred pictures and by the end of the impromptu photo-shoot my face hurt, and I truly forgot how to smile like a normal person. I very well could have looked like I was being tortured by a clan of power hungry Gnomes hoping to get my user name and password to my Netflix. Either way who is going to see it? Oh…. the picture is going up on the store wall. DOUBLE DRAT DRAT!! ERG! I thanked the man and left with a little lower self esteem, but overjoyed about my new beehive set-up.

Happily driving home and singing at the top of my lungs to a little Dierks Bentley, I was hit with a thought. The bee thing is a hobby Rachael and I share. I have to admit I am a bit envious that the bees are at her house, and she gets to see them every night. She gets to greet them in the morning, take beautiful pictures of them during the day as they forage and sport those cute bright orange pollen pants. This was my chance to get to experience those same wonderful things. Hmmm… Feeling a little guilty that the green monster had taken over me, I called Rachael to get her thoughts on the matter. It took her two seconds to say I should have a set-up at my house. Well okay then, that was easy. Never mind, lets keep it at your house. Just like a chocolate cake in the bakery window. I only want it when I can’t have it. Oh who am I kidding, I always want chocolate cake.  As for the bees? I don’t think its a good time of year to get new bees, so we can just hold onto it until next year. In the meantime though I’m thinking we should paint the new set-up something cute. Maybe sunflowers, daisies, a few bees perhaps. Or how about a scene out of Star Trek. I don’t know..we go with our heart on that one.

Piggy Little Bees
Learning To Fly

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