porch pic newLast month I was sitting on Rachael’s back porch, watching the boys play in the backyard. I wish I could say it was unusually hot weather for a January, but we are on our 6th year of a drought, and I’m not gonna lie, it didn’t weigh heavily on my mind at that moment. I was enjoying the party and the sunshine with a nice cold beer. With my sunglasses on, I could have easily been mistaken for being asleep while the conversations buzzed around me. Being still and quiet is not a characteristic I normally embody. In fact, silence is usually a bad sign. I was waiting. I searched the back field of Rachael’s property for something. It was coming, I am not sure if the beer made it harder to see or what was drawing it in, but when it arrived, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I came alive. Typical of me I Interrupted the conversations happening around me to make an announcement, “I HAVE AN IDEA RACHAEL!”

Let’s step back for a second. The most dangerous words coming out of my mouth are, “I have an idea.” My hubby, Christian, shudders every time he hears those horrid words. What makes them even more dangerous is now I have a partner in crime, Rachael.

I have always been a bit of an adventurous person, but most of the time I did it alone. Hubby always supported and encouraged me, but usually it was not his cup of tea. Then I met Rachael. We met when our boys were in Kindergarten together about four years ago. We got a long beautifully, but rarely socialized outside school functions. Maybe a few classmate’s birthday parties here and there. It wasn’t until I convinced her (I can be very persuasive if not just a plane bully) to join me on my latest adventure, Tough Mudder. Tough Mudder is a ten mile (mostly going uphill), 20 obstacle event known for mud, blood, and a good amount of electrocution. How I convinced her of this I have no idea, but gimme some props for that. BOOM! Up until the day of the event she was nervous, but determined. I worried that she would never speak to me again after this. I was so wrong. The moment she hit that hill, she flew like an angel. Oh scratch that. She is no angel. She took on that mountain like a freaking beast. I would swear that it cried in pain after she finished. Me…I am a turtle. Have been all my life and I can accept that. I might have dragged her to the mountain, but it was Rachael that took command.

It was at the finish line that I saw it in her eyes. There was a fire there that had a huge dollop of crazy. How I didn’t see it before I have no clue. Well, if we are being completely honest, I am a bit self-centered or preoccupied, not sure. Either way I had finally found her. My partner in crime. After that day there was nothing too crazy for me to suggest. Everything I threw at her was immediately greeted with an enthusiastic “YES”. Dress up like Star Trek characters and boogie with CrossFit fanatics? Sure! Go jogging in the rain in our pajamas and flip flops? Of Course! Give up sugar for a month and eat healthy? OH HECK NO!! She has limits and so do I thank golly. We are human for gosh sakes.

So on that warm January afternoon, in the middle of a party, when I jumped up and announced that I had an idea, it was no surprise to me when Rachael wholeheartedly agreed with me. We should become Beekeepers!

Our Journey Begins

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