You can’t see it in this picture, but there is a battle happening!

I should not be so excited that I got a new vacuum, but I am. I think this is the sign that I need to add a little more excitement to my life. Nothing that keeps me up past 7:30pm though. I’m not crazy. I know what you are thinking, “What about the excitement of being a Killer Bee Beekeeper?” I know that’s what you were thinking. No?.. oh..okay. Yes, I know they are not killer bees, but they do fight. I was hanging out by a weed and clover patch that is in my front lawn yesterday, trying to take pictures of the bees foraging. I noticed a small bee-like guy bouncing from one flower to the next, when a honey bee came in and attacked the little critter. The bee pounced on her like a puma! Punches were thrown and awesome ninja kicks made contact with incredible speed. The little one got the hint fast and left. Crazy to watch. I had my camera on them the whole time. I didn’t get a single picture. I am a lousy photographer. Believe it or not, there are bees in the picture below. I think.

All Is Forgiven
Relocating Bees A Short Distance

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