Taken with my iPhone 6

Taken with my iPhone 6

It finally happened today! I was quietly beginning to panic. It has been raining a lot, but we’ve had some breaks of really nice weather. Plum trees have bloomed, then the rosemary, then my wisteria and yet still nothing…

I’ve been looking for them every day. I have heard rumors of magnificent honey flows. But, where are they?

Then while standing outside my class this morning she appeared and disappeared like a mirage. I was sure I saw her, but it was so quick I couldn’t be positive.

Later in the afternoon while pulling out of my driveway I saw activity surrounding my wisteria. Could it be? As soon I got home I ran over to the wisteria and was greeted by the loveliest sound. All around me coming from every direction was a low hum. They were darting from this bloom to that bloom. Bits of pollen stuck to their legs, heads deep inside a flower bloom.

They have finally arrived! The bees are back!!!


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