Turns out I am a helicopter bee mom. I went out, as I do every morning, to check on the bees. It was just becoming light outside and there was a heavy blanket of fog over the yard. I wasn’t expecting my sweet bees to be out at all, yet there they were, peeking out the entrance, stretching their legs and getting ready to fly. At first I was impressed they were early risers, then I got worried that there was something wrong for them to be out so early. I went to take a closer look and see if I could find any sign of distress. Nope none. This is a common scene for me. Any chance I get, I check on my bees. They see my big ol face all up in their business 100 times a day. I know they all know my face and my voice. Even the ones who haven’t been born yet. They know me. I am not sure if they know that I am also the person who comes in the bee suit and breaks open their hive once in a while. I hope they don’t. Bee suit person really messes up their day. They have tried to sting bee suit person, but they haven’t tried to sting shorts and t-shirt person. I still have not been stung by a bee….ever. Am I evil? Why won’t they sting me?

(Does this beesuit make me look dorky? No! Your face does!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Not A Good Time To Bug The Bees
Quarryhill Botanical Gardens

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